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Rest assured, we will never bill you for a monthly subscription at Now Online. You only pay if you use the service!

Add a client

All you have to do is enter your client's name and email address. They will be stored in your address book for you to use again.

Choose a video or telephone conference

With video consultations, you can share your screen, send documents, and even write to each other over chat. If you want to, you can also disable your camera.

Choose a pricing model and how much to charge

Pay-per-minute (€X per minute)

Your client is billed based on the duration of the consultation. For example, if you choose €2 per minute and the consultation lasts 32 minutes, your client will be billed €64.

Fixed price consultations

With this option, however long the consultation lasts, your client will be billed a fixed amount.

Fixed price then pay-per-minute

Your client is billed a fixed price, even if the consultation is shorter than scheduled. But if the consultation overruns the original duration, additional time will be billed by the minute according to the price you set.

You can add free minutes (5 or 10 minutes) at the beginning of consultations if you like. Billing only starts at the end of these free minutes. This allows you to start with less pressure with a new client, and verify that you can meet their needs, before billing begins automatically.

Choosing a cancelation policy

Choose how much (between €0 and €100) you would like to charge if the consultation is canceled less than 24 hours in advance or if the client doesn't show up to the meeting. By setting up a cancelation policy, your precious time is protected.

Enter the date and time of the scheduled consultation

Choose the date and time of the start of the conference.

That's it!

You can now validate your consultation. You and your client will receive a confirmation email with the link to join the consultation!

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