One simple pricing system and no monthly subscription
It’s 10% … and nothing else.

Rest assured, Now Online will never charge for a monthly subscription. You only pay when you use the consultation solution! !

What’s included in Now Online’s service?

A reliable and secure video and telephone consultation solution

Secure and guaranteed payment

Interfaces for appointment management and video consultation

Possibility to bill consultations per minute, at a fixed rate, or both!

Cancellation fees paid by the client

Unlimited clients

Unlimited consultations
10% of the consultation price
bank charges
telephone charges
account set-up fees

Open your account today and take advantage of a 14-day FREE TRIAL with no commission!

Questions about the video consultation service

Now Online’s pricing is clear and simple. It’s 10% and nothing else. There are no hidden or additional fees, no matter how many clients you have.
For example: if you bill €80 worth of consultations, Now Online will transfer you €72.
If you don’t carry out any consultations, you won’t be charged anything.
No, we won’t ask you to lock yourself into a contract to use Now Online’s video consultation solution. You can decide to stop using it whenever you like.
No, you don’t need to enter any payment information. Just your name, address, and email address.
Yes, you are not locked into a minimum term with Now Online’s video consultation solution. You can therefore choose to close your account whenever you like from your account page.
Yes! To give you an idea of the advantages of carrying out your video consultations on Now Online, new clients get a 14-day free trial period. During these 14 days, you can carry out as many consultations as you like with no fees and with no obligation to continue.
The flat rate of 10% of your consultation price goes towards maintaining Now Online’s technical infrastructure, so that you can benefit from it any time, anywhere, with complete peace of mind. It also goes towards guaranteeing your payments and securing your data. Now Online takes care of any costs associated with invoicing and transferring your monthly earnings.
No, other than our 10% commission, no other fees will be taken from your monthly earnings. Now Online guarantees your consultation payments with no subscription charges or bank transfer fees. It’s all included in Now Online’s running costs.
No, there is no extra charge for using Now Online’s telephone consultation solution. It’s all included in Now Online’s running costs.
You will receive the amount of your monthly earnings by bank transfer, directly to your bank account, on the 1st of every month. The last 7 days of the month are transferred the following month.

If you decide to close your account, your outstanding earnings will be paid on the 1st of the following month by bank transfer.

Technical questions

Yes, you can use Now Online’s video consultation solution on any Apple® computer with an internet connection.
Yes, you can use Now Online’s video consultation solution on any Apple® smartphone or tablet with an internet connection.
Yes, you can use Now Online’s video consultation solution on any smartphone or computer with an internet connection.
No, there is no need to install anything on your computer to use the video consultation solution. The service works on all browsers. You can therefore use the solution on any device and access your account from anywhere.
A microphone and a webcam are all you need to benefit from all the features the solution has to offer. If you would prefer to consult over the phone, our telephone server will connect you to your client at no extra charge.
No, if you wish, you can turn off your camera and microphone at any time for more privacy.
Yes, each participant can send a file at any time during the consultation.
Yes, if they wish, each participant can share their screen during the consultation and stop sharing their screen at any time.
Yes, at Now Online, we are committed to the importance of protecting personal data and respecting each user’s privacy. This is why all the information we need to collect to make Now Online’s video consultation solution work is fully protected. No data is sold to third parties and all consultations are private.